Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hiatus for a Bit

Hi All,

There seems to be some potentially disturbing news regarding my ability to adopt in Ethiopia. At this point, I'm waiting for my agency rep to speak with MOWA to confirm some very disturbing news that is coming out of Ethiopia. If this news is in fact true, I am not sure if/how I will be proceeding with my adoption from Ethiopia.

It was fun to enter the world of blogging, and I wish everyone well on their journey. A part of me is hopeful that this somehow resolves itself, but I'm not anticipating that happening.

Signing off for now....trice

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christening Gown

Hi All,

Nothing new to report. Still in the paperchase. Hoping that all my docs will be approved and off to Springfield by the 20th. I can't believe IL has that stupid rule about approval from DCFS before it can be sent to my agency. What can you do?

I have my fingerprint appt with customs this afternoon. I almost forgto about it. Lucky I dind't have any appts scheduled at work.

I went shopping with my GF Kourtney yesterday. I was supposed to look for winter accesories but ended up buying Eden a Christening gown. I love her gown. I went to the site for the manufacturer and her dress was $300 less than what buying direct cost. I LOVE MARSHALLS!!!! Kourtney hates discount stores but she was a good sport. I just can't understand how someone could hate the thrill of the hunt and the rush of the capture when you find that hidden gem.

Isn't the dress too cute?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Home Study Visit

Hi All,

I had my homestudy visit on election day. Visit went fine. She spent about 4 minutes looking around the house. Really not that big of a deal.

Later that evening I hung out with my family and watched history. I never in my lifetime thought a black man would be president. It's overwhelming. Black women have become caricatures on TV and it's just so great to have a first lady who is a black woman. I can barely watch TV with a black female character. They are all either fat, lazy and loud or the biggest bitches you have ever met. I'm like do you really think that a whole group of women can be put into two stereotypical and unfair character types?

Oh well, here's hoping that the homestudy is complete by mid December.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Table 52

Well, the boy and I went there to celebrate my Bday. There's a lot of hype because it's an Oprah thing, but I wasn't all that impressed. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the meal, but don't get why there is a three month wait.

I have to go to fed court on Wednesday!!! Not looking forward to that, I always forget something or say something wrong when I'm there. It's just so intimidating that I feel like a law student when I'm there. Hope it goes better this time around.

Homestudy visit tomorrow, will be sure to update....