Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kourtney sent me the following info for an organization that unites ET-A kids in the chicagoland area, and supports adopted families in maintaining their kids' cultural heritage. If things work out, I will for sure become a member and hope that this is an organization that Eden and I can be a part of. Here is the link and some information about them......

Thanks Kourtney!!!


Selam! The Ethio-American Kids Community, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, exists to develop and support opportunities for cultural and educational exchanges and social networking between Americans, Ethiopians and Ethio-Americans. We provide support for pre- and post-adoptive American families of Ethiopian children. We offer volunteer and service opportunities that impact our Ethio-American community and Ethiopia directly. We strive to keep the Ethiopian culture and the Ethio-American community vibrant and welcoming to all by sponsoring an annual summer culture camp and year-round holiday and cultural gatherings and social networking.We always enjoy meeting new families! Feel free to contact us for more information about our activities, organization, and Ethiopian adoption.

Doc Appt

I went to the doctor last night for my homestudy physical. The doctor filled out the form very quickly. I'm hoping he got everything on there that they wanted. He's a sweetheart. He actually is considering adopting a child from a 3rd world country. He wants me to bring Eden by when she comes home.

I have my appt with the SW in two days. Will be glad to get that process started. I still haven't been able to move on my i600 form. No way of knowing when my updated birth certificate will arrive.

I LOVE THE ROOM COLOR!!!!! I can't wait until everything is set up so that I can post a pic.

On sunday, I went to BRU with my friend Kourtney and I picked up her crib and changing table. I will start to work on putting that stuff together this weekend. I just need that birth certificate to make its way here........

Friday, September 26, 2008

Barbie Doll - AKA

I'm a member of the best and oldest sorority for AA women!!!! The fantastic ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha were honored with the first ever sorority Barbie to celebrate our 100 year anniversary!!! I ordered Eden's Barbie today. The doll is constantly on back order. And Mattell thought that she might not sell!!! Find out what we care about and you'll see that you can't make enough of them.....


A Real Sorority Doll Who's Pretty in Pink -- and GreenAlpha Kappa Alpha's newest pledge is Barbie, wearing a gown in the sorority's colors of pink and green. The doll was unveiled at the group's centennial. (Courtesy Of Mattel) Yesterday, thousands of members of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the country's oldest black sorority, attended a public meeting that ended with the unveiling of the AKA Centennial Barbie doll. The sorority was founded at Howard University. "She's absolutely beautiful," said Jenea Stewart, 30, an AKA member from St. Louis. "It's something that can be passed down through the generations, from mother to daughter." Barbie has taken on many manifestations over the years, but this is the first time there is a Barbie to honor a sorority. Although the doll is a fun way to commemorate AKA's centennial, it also has a serious undertone, said Barbara A. McKinzie, the sorority's international president. She recalled that in the 1940s, psychologists used identically dressed black and white dolls to test black children's race perceptions and preferences. The majority of them preferred the white doll, saying it was better. The study was cited in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education desegregation decision of 1954. McKinzie said that, even today, some black children suffer from inferiority complexes. "What a wonderful idea to take a known icon in our society and have the doll look like us," McKinzie said. "It's a way of educating the issue." For AKA members, the timing could not be better. "Barbie has been through so many different stages of history," said Deidra Powell, a member from Sacramento. "It's so appropriate to pick Barbie at this time in our history." One sorority sister, though, has a wish for the future. "It would be nice to have a full-figured Barbie," said Nichole Lyles, 29, of St. Louis. "But she's coming soon, I'm sure. Before a hundred years are up." The doll, which will sell for $50, will be available soon at http://www.barbiecollector.com/. »

Bed Set and Chair

Here's the bedding and chair that I got for Eden's room. The chair has a pink slipcover. I got it from walmart, so much cheaper than other places, and put it together last night. I usually don't like put together furniture, but this one turned out to be very nice. I have 20% coupons from BRU for this weekend. After that, I will wrap up my major item purchases. So happy that I will have all of those expenses out of the way. I wil have a shower for clothes and cute extras, because I don't buy that kind of stuff. My BF says that will all change when I have a pic and know her size. I'm finally starting to not feel so overwhelmed. When I was told my travel date would probably be in March, I was in a panic, but now that i have the basics sqaured away things are leveling off.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


My application finally arrived at BFAS. I can't believe it took over a week. I have learned my lesson, no more regular mail for me.

On another note, the man I'm having paint has become a bit of a stalker. He finds an excuse to stop by every day. He's a nice guy, but why can't a single woman hire a man to complete a project without him thinking you were just a desperate spinster waiting for him to save you? It's really annoying because I thought he was such a cool guy to hire for projects around the house. Not worth it, if I have to deal with a non-stop pest.

I won my car seat on ebay. Got it for $220 and I think it's adorable.

Car Seat

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eden's Chandelier

I'm having it hung tonight. I just love it!!! Think it will be too cute with her Tiffany walls. I know, it's very girlie, but what can you do?

Reading Material

Currently reading "There Is No Me Without You" by Melissa Fay Greene. The book is very well written, and tells the story of a woman's attempt to save orphaned children in Ethiopia. I'm also reading a few infant care books. I had been reading so much about the history of ET that it struck me one day that I probably need to make sure I know all of the current child rearing methods.

I'm an only child, but I have a large family and have been taking care of babies forever. However, my family is a little old school, so I want to compare what I've learned from them with all of the "new fanlged" things that are out there. I'm not someoen who believes all that our elders did was wrong, so I plan on raising my little one with a combinaiton of wisdom from my elders and knowledge from my own generation.

As for fun stuff, I'm in the process of having Eden's room painted and her light fixture hung. Should have that accomplished by Saturday and will be sure to post a pic. I'm painting her walls Tiffany Blue. I hope it turns out well.

Paper Chase

Right now I'm waiting for a corrected birth certificate before I can file my I600 forms. Long story short, my mom had me at 15 and her mom filed out the birth certificate. Somehow, my grandma wanted to make my mom believe that she had given me her name instead of the name my mother had chosen. My grandma forgot that she was just waiting for my mom's reaction and never actually put any name on the birth certificate. None of this would have mattered except those nit picky customs officials require a NAME on official govt records. :) My grandma passed away when I was 14, but she was a bit of a pistol. I sent off for an expedited record and hope to have it next week.

I sent my app to BFAS on the 15th and they say they haven't gotten it as of yet. Very nervous about that. Going to give it one more day and then I'll resend the documents certified. I'm a bit of a miser and that gets me in trouble all the time. I should have sent them certified in the first place. Well, hindsight is 20/20.

First Attempt At Blogging


I never in the world thought I would blog. NEVER!!! But this whole adoption process is driving me crazy and I need to let it out.

I have been reading blogs and have been so inspired by the journey of others that I thought I would give this a shot.

I am currently in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. Her name will be Eden (the land where life began/Ethiopia) and Carol for my mom who passed away in a car accident five years ago.

So far I'm starting my paper chase. First home study interview on Oct. 2nd. Application sent to Better Future Adoption Services (thanks Robbin for the recommendation).