Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Doc Appt

I went to the doctor last night for my homestudy physical. The doctor filled out the form very quickly. I'm hoping he got everything on there that they wanted. He's a sweetheart. He actually is considering adopting a child from a 3rd world country. He wants me to bring Eden by when she comes home.

I have my appt with the SW in two days. Will be glad to get that process started. I still haven't been able to move on my i600 form. No way of knowing when my updated birth certificate will arrive.

I LOVE THE ROOM COLOR!!!!! I can't wait until everything is set up so that I can post a pic.

On sunday, I went to BRU with my friend Kourtney and I picked up her crib and changing table. I will start to work on putting that stuff together this weekend. I just need that birth certificate to make its way here........

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