Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Paper Chase

Right now I'm waiting for a corrected birth certificate before I can file my I600 forms. Long story short, my mom had me at 15 and her mom filed out the birth certificate. Somehow, my grandma wanted to make my mom believe that she had given me her name instead of the name my mother had chosen. My grandma forgot that she was just waiting for my mom's reaction and never actually put any name on the birth certificate. None of this would have mattered except those nit picky customs officials require a NAME on official govt records. :) My grandma passed away when I was 14, but she was a bit of a pistol. I sent off for an expedited record and hope to have it next week.

I sent my app to BFAS on the 15th and they say they haven't gotten it as of yet. Very nervous about that. Going to give it one more day and then I'll resend the documents certified. I'm a bit of a miser and that gets me in trouble all the time. I should have sent them certified in the first place. Well, hindsight is 20/20.

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