Friday, September 26, 2008

Bed Set and Chair

Here's the bedding and chair that I got for Eden's room. The chair has a pink slipcover. I got it from walmart, so much cheaper than other places, and put it together last night. I usually don't like put together furniture, but this one turned out to be very nice. I have 20% coupons from BRU for this weekend. After that, I will wrap up my major item purchases. So happy that I will have all of those expenses out of the way. I wil have a shower for clothes and cute extras, because I don't buy that kind of stuff. My BF says that will all change when I have a pic and know her size. I'm finally starting to not feel so overwhelmed. When I was told my travel date would probably be in March, I was in a panic, but now that i have the basics sqaured away things are leveling off.

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