Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christening Gown

Hi All,

Nothing new to report. Still in the paperchase. Hoping that all my docs will be approved and off to Springfield by the 20th. I can't believe IL has that stupid rule about approval from DCFS before it can be sent to my agency. What can you do?

I have my fingerprint appt with customs this afternoon. I almost forgto about it. Lucky I dind't have any appts scheduled at work.

I went shopping with my GF Kourtney yesterday. I was supposed to look for winter accesories but ended up buying Eden a Christening gown. I love her gown. I went to the site for the manufacturer and her dress was $300 less than what buying direct cost. I LOVE MARSHALLS!!!! Kourtney hates discount stores but she was a good sport. I just can't understand how someone could hate the thrill of the hunt and the rush of the capture when you find that hidden gem.

Isn't the dress too cute?


Sweet Patience said...

Hey, I just came across your blog. I found a gown similar to that at Marshalls as well last month, by the same designer. I love Marshalls too! I have been laying away items since we started the process. I have relaxed on the clothing purchasing lately. I will post a picture when I pick the gown up next week. They had several different designs and they were beautiful gowns. The one I chose is a champaign like color. I saw it and knew it had to be a great buy, but I didn't need it right now so I put it on layaway. Some friends of mine told me back in the summer that they layaway, so I started doing that early summer.

Robbin said...

Really cute....... You are moving right along!


Tami said...

Love the gown! You are terrible! Sorry I've missed you. Next week is my last week, I'll email/call you.

trice said...

The dress was a crazy great buy. I am totally in love with it.

Tami, too bad we missed each other. I'll be around this weekend.

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