Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week 5

We are on week five of our wait and not really sure when the wait will end. Too many unknowns in the world of adoption. IN MY OPINION, I'm not thinking that she will be home before November. Others are welcome to come up with their own estimate. It's very disheartening to say goodbye to all of my dreams that I had for uniting with her, but I would rather be realistic than an Ostrich. I pray that I'm wrong and she is here sooner, but I'm prepared for the long haul. Others feel free to feel however YOU want about when you will be united with your children. It's a shame that you have to point that out to adults, but someitmes I think that some folks are more like tall children than they are grown ups.

As for the pic, this is me, my grandfather's younger brother and his youngest son. This was after I decided to play salon and cut off my bangs. My momma behaved as if I had chopped off an arm. It was not a good day for me as a baby girl. My parents were so upset and have never forgiven me. According to my mom, my bangs never grew back because an unnecessary cut is a curse.
I'm also in my signature hair ribbons. Most of the kiddies in school wore beads and barrettes, but I was always in ribbons. They were the lightest hair accessory that my mom could find, and of course she believed in limiting any stress on my hair. Because of the flood, this is one of the few pics I have with my signature ribbons. It was my everyday hairstyle and would not have been used for formal pics. Because we were broke and didn't know many ppl who owned a camera, most of my pics were taken on "picture day", so only a few ribbon to match the outfits pictures survived. Also, the signature hand is on the hip because a photo was being snapped.


VALARIE said...

I love your pictures and the stories. I was a ribbon girl too and sometimes my mother used those little ball things but I never had barrettes on my hair or beads. It was rare day that I ever had more than two pony tails.

I think you have the right idea. If you can think long range it is better to be surprised if it is sooner. After getting the referral you still have to wait for the court date and then travel dates. Enjoy the time that you have to prepare. I am praying for the best outcome in the shortest amount of time.

Freda said...

Like you, I’m also preparing for the long haul. Maybe we’ll get to travel together.

Robbin said...

Girl... there are some that will not like that lol. I think ribbons would be just swell for Ms. E as well :)

trice said...

freda, it would be great to travel together.

Robbin, I;m not as militant as my mom. She won't be in the exclusive ribbon club like I was.

yes, some won't like what i say, but they should stop reading. so tired, so so tired.

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