Sunday, October 12, 2008

Black Catholics

Last night I went to a small dinner for young black catholics and it was really nice. I met a woman who is doing a fellowship in pediatric infectious diseases. She and I ended up talking for about two hours. She volunteered to review Eden's medical report. I'm going to pay someone to look over the docs, but it's nice to have a second opinion as well. Apparently, there are only about one hundred docs who are in her specialty.

She and I got into a long discussion about innoculations and autism. I'm nervous about innocs but I also believe that we are responsible for oursleves and each other. I would never forego innoculations but I will do a revised schedule that does not combine the MMR. The new doc friend was telling me horror stories that she runs across from those who don't innoculate. Anyway, it was nice to pick the brain of an expert for two hours.

I have my second homestudy visit on Tuesday and I still do not have the birth certificate. I will call again on Monday, this is so frustrating.