Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back from Hiatus

Hi All,

Well, we had quite a little scare last month, but I think I feel confident enough to hope that Eden/Aden will be coming home in 2009. I don't have the energy to discuss, but there seem to be changes in the future for ET and single adoptions. At this point, it's not confirmed what they will be, but last month I thought they meant that I would not have ET as an option. My agency has assured me that is not the case and I have decided to have a little faith. The head of the agency has been in ET for this past week and has only sent back good news thus far.

I still have no homestudy. Trying to hurry that process along. A fellow blogger, Robbin, has passed on a contact that may help me move my homestudy out of DCFS faster than I had originally thought. Thanks Girl!!

I have slowed down big time on shopping for Aden. The idea of never using her nursery was heart wrenching.

Not much going on with me outside of that. Will be sure to update as soon as I get more info about the homestudy. I would love to be officially waiting by the end of the year.


Robbin said...

That's right... sometimes we just have to walk by faith! Hey when did you change the spelling of her name is the pronounciation changing as well?


trice said...

I liked Aden when I saw that it was a gulf off the horn of Africa. I then saw this on an ET naming site: Eden/Aden - Amharic/Biblical 'the place of pleasure' or paradise

Since then, I have went back and forth between Aden and Eden. The Gulf of Aden is known as pirate's alley and has been on the news lately. I thought it was pronounced the same, but the anchor lady always says it like Aiden, which is the way I would pronounce it as well.

Anonymous said...

welcome back! :)

Bergmama said...

Thank you so much for the hair advice!!! I really appreciate it!


Debbie said...

Do you have a referral? We are naming our daughter Eden. Her name is now Eftu but we are adding Eden and I have a friend that is adopting an Eden changing it to Aden.

I found your blog by way of Jill's.


trice said...

Hi Debbie,

No, I'm still in the paper chase. I hope to be officially waiting by mid-January.

Best of luck on your journey to Eden.

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