Thursday, December 18, 2008

Home Study Update

It has finally made its way to Department of Children and Family Services in Springfield!!! So happy about that little development. I just want to be officially waiting. I can't stand the paper chase. I'm too impatient for this sort of thing.

On another note, I wish I knew for sure what was going on with singles in ET. My agency tells me not to worry but it's hard not to. I just can't understand how a rule applies to one agency but not another.

Oh well, I have decided to continue down this path until someone tells me no directly. Lets keep our fingers crossed for dossier submission during the first week of January 09!!

I also am going to get a new car. I tell myself it is for baby, but I'm just lying. I have have the same car for the last 8 years and it's time for a change. I'm going to be an ugly american and get an SUV. But I don't drive to work, so don't think I have no concern for our planet. I put about 5000 miles a year on a car, so my carbon output won't be that bad with an SUV. I'm trying to decide between the lexus or bmw. BMW has an awesome service plan, so I'm leaning that way as of now.


Freda said...

What a coincident, I just purchased a car yesterday. Like you, I was thinking that I needed a new car for the baby. I’ve had my old car for almost seven years and it runs great, it’s a Lexus with 146k miles. The one I purchased yesterday is my third Lexus vehicle and I won’t buy any other brand. BMW does have a great service plan, but Lexus has the December to remember sale going on and the deals are unbelievable. Actually, I got such a good deal on the new car that I decided not to trade the old one. Lexus also has a service plan not quite as good as BMW (free) however the customer service at Lexus is terrific. I telecommute and drive less than 5000 miles a year also, but I know that will change once the little man arrives.

Check out Lexus inventory on the web before you make a final decision on BMW. Lexus certified cars are just as good if not better than the new ones.

Tami said...

You deserve it!!!!!!! good for you.

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